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Bhanu Kapil Rider

42. Tell me what you know about

When it rains, the grass is filled with blood.

I swore I’d never do anything so English as write about art. I said I’d write, instead, the book of blood. Chapter One: At the border, Hindu women are tied to Muslim eucalyptus trees. It is 1948, and so they are naked. Their wombs are hanging out of their stomachs. Chapter Two: there is no Chapter Two. I read The Denver Post— “According to our”— and sip my tea; “—sources, the Serbs have made a practice of cutting out the wombs of the women they rape, then hanging these wombs on poles.”

I am writing because it is raining, and because there are many different kinds of rain. A Punjabi monsoon. The filthy springtimes of the European badlands. This rain, the mountain, the American rain that’s falling as I write, the rain that reminds me I am always facing East; the direction of water: its rapidly dissolving salt.

from The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers,
from Kelsey St. Press.




Bhanu Kapil Rider’s prose chapbook, Autobiography of a Cyborg, was published by Leroy Press in September 2000. Her book, The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers, is from Kelsey St. Press. She has also recently started a chapbook series under the imprint of Wolfgirl Press. Kapil Rider is of Indian origin and grew up in London and the Punjab. She currently lives in Colorado.