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Jared Hayes
For Harry Smith


Ukrainian chickens eating, Ukrainian chicken eating, Ukrainian wooden woodpeckers eating, bark shoes, Ukrainian bark box, Ukrainian chickens eating (painted), Indian folk chicken with hanging bell, Ukrainian wooden bears eating, two wooden ornaments shaped like gourds, plastic snow ball Snow White, plastic snow ball showing Goldilocks, plastic miniature hamburger, yo-yo like a hamburger, plastic dog squeeze toy shoe, plastic dog squeeze toy pork chop, notepad shaped like a hamburger, Ukrainian wooden fisherman, Ukrainian wooden bear weightlifters, rubber bug with suction cup, plastic mechanical bank Uncle Sam, plastic toy phone Mickey Mouse, plastic comb crayon, Ukrainian painted ladle, Chinese wooden mirror, wooden ornamental horse, wooden wall ornament flower, Ukrainian wooden mushroom, three hexagonal wooden mirrors, Indian wooden peacock, Indian wooden rooster, wooden ornament, wooden box shaped like a tree stump, straw duck, wooden fish, straw woven mat, straw woven mat, straw woven mat, Donald Duck on a rocking horse ornament, ceramic ornament strawberry, wooden bowl bird, wooden block printing stamp—shaped like bird, clay bird ornament, Taiwanese rubber doll heads, Chinese papier-maché folk masks, Indian ceramic doll heads, Indian papier-maché folk masks, Indian personal portable shrine, Ukrainian wood vase, ceramic whistle shaped like a deer, ceramic ornament gourd, straw box elephant, straw ornament duck, three hexagonal mirrors, ceramic teapot and lid shaped like an elephant, ceramic fish, Indian ceramic doll head, blown glass deer, ceramic pig, ceramic fish, ceramic skull, blown glass sheep, blown glass cow, ceramic octopus, ceramic pomegranates, ceramic slippers, ceramic eggplant, Ukrainian ceramic iron, ceramic boy and horse, ceramic horse and rider, metal mechanical toy duck, Ukrainian ceramic mushroom, wooden chicken with wheelbarrow, four satin dice, bag of odd poker chips, mah-jongg tiles, dominoes, dice, buttons, paper origami bird, two ceramic birds, straw star ornament, ceramic knife rest, ceramic mushroom, ceramic monument, monument, monument, Harry Smith’s fingernail, ceramic fish with bell, glass bird, gambler playing cards, Trump playing cards, New York playing cards, Knapp-Hall tarot, Secret Dakini oracle, Union Generals playing cards, Confederate Generals playing cards, Ukiyo-e tarot, Xultan tarot, shadow tarot, tarot de Paris, the Millennium tarot, tarot Egyptian, tarot universal Dali, Elemental tarot, herbal tarot, space rockets, animal domino, golden dawn ritual, Chinese horoscope, mondo, snap (Hong Kong), go fish, old maid, anamorphoses, star and gate, Harry Smith’s walking cane, forty-nine shellacked gourds, Ukrainian easter egg, alabaster chick and egg, metal salt and pepper shakers shaped like a cow and milk maid.




Jared Hayes is from Bellingham, Washington. His poetry and visual art has appeared in or is forthcoming from Bombay Gin, Hot Whiskey, and Small Town. He is the co-author, with Joseph S. Cooper, of Insuring the Wicker Man Shadow Created Delusion, from Hot Whiskey Press.